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Boys and Girls Indoor Lacrosse is played on a hockey size arena.


The game is 6 on 6 that includes a goalie. Game is played with regular field goals not box goals. No long poles.


There aren't any offsides. Field players go end to end. There must always be at least one player on the defensive end of the field.


Once the ball enters a teams offensive end they must keep it in the offensive end. If they carry it out of the offensive end they lose possession. The rule is similar to the over and back rule in basketball.


The offensive team must make one completed pass before shooting.


There is no contact in the girls game and contact in the boys game is limited. This will be explained and demonstated to all participants prior to the first game. Excessive body contact can result in expulsion from the league without a refund.


The concept for indoor lacrosse is to improve stick work and team work.


The game is played with a running clock and all penalties will be served time and a half.  30 second penalty =45 seconds 1minute penalty = 90 seconds.


Each team will be required to have a bench coach to sub players and maintain order.


There are no practices scheduled

Pennies will be provided on game day if needed.


We start a new game every 50 minutes. No warm ups.









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