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First I’d like to thank you for your participation in our leagues and clinics.


So most of you know me as the guy that runs the Indoor Lacrosse at Silverbacks, some of you may know me from coaching Boys Lacrosse at Peachtree Ridge High School for 10 years or maybe you know me as one of the founding members and Past President of the Gwinnett Lacrosse League.


I would say very few of you know that I have been a practicing Chiropractor for the last 38 years. I specialized in Sports Injuries; Posture Neurology a brain-based method to correct posture. I also do Functional Lab Testing and Functional Nutrition to help relieve digestive issues, reduce inflammation, fatigue, migraines, brain fog, ADHD, and Post Concussion Symptoms.


I have been the team chiropractor for the 1996 USA Olympic Handball Team, I have also been the Team Chiropractor for the Peachtree Ridge High School football team and Boys Lacrosse Team.


I hope to be sharing sports-related health and nutrition information with you in the near future. Topics like why are concussions on the rise in youth and high school sports yet team participation is declining. I will discuss some things you can do to decrease the risk of getting a concussion and to reduce the severity of it.


Discuss how to eliminate systemic inflammation, which is the root cause of disease in our nation. Understand how diet, food sensitivities, environmental toxins, and digestive issues can cause systemic inflammation.


I also have a list of the nutritional supplements that have been researched to strengthen the immune system against Influenza and Corona Viruses. If you’re interested in this information email me at


Due to COVID-19 I will be doing Functional Lab Testing and Functional Nutrition virtually  through a HIPPA approved TeleHealth Portal



In the future, I will be emailing everyone on my Gwinnett Lacrosse Academy information on the above topics. The email will come from Mailchimp from Brain and Body Wellness Clinic or Lombardo Chiropractic Wellness Center. If you aren’t interested you can just unsubscribe.


Bob Lombardo DC CCSP




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